Our company

Van Straten Medical is a family owned company and active in the development, production, sales, repair, modification and fixation of medical devices, which are used worldwide in surgery, dentistry and on the sterilization department. Innovation has been the mission since its foundation in 1975. 

The company is located in the city of Nieuwegein, the Netherlands.

Key product lines of the company are surgical instruments, sterilisation products, dental products, wound drainage products and blood reinfusion devices. 

Van Straten Medical is ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 certified and has the following divisions: OR & SPD Supplies, Dental, Research & Development and Export. 

The Export division focuses on the sales of postoperative wound drainage systems, autologous blood reinfusion devices and arthroscopes as well as instrument repair, maintenance, modification, revision, fixation, engravement and track & trace services.

We offer our surgical products and services to the international market through distributors and medical industry.

Export product lines & services:

  • DONOR pre-evacuated postoperative autologous blood reinfusion system
  • LVS low vacuum wound drainage system
  • LVS NG low vacuum wound drainage system
  • HVS high vacuum wound drainage systems
  • Xtremity arthroscopes
  • Instrument set fixation services
  • Instrument and set revision services
  • Instrument modification services
  • Supply of wire baskets and containers
  • Laser engravement services
  • Track & Trace Datamatrix/RFID services

Van Straten Medical in the Dutch market

Van Straten Medical is considered a major supplier of medical products. Our product program includes more than 36.000 products which are supplied to the Dutch hospitals. Van Straten Medical offers package deal contracts to hospitals. The advantage for the hospital is that they have one supplier for several product lines and a financial benefit in package deal discount rates.

Van Straten Medical supplies furthermore, to Private Clinics and Dental Practices.

Van Straten Medical Repairs aims to offer instrument repair services, set fixation, instrument stock screening consultancy and hospital stock reduction plans. Van Straten Medical represents about 75 manufacturers of medical products in the Dutch market.